The Witcher Netflix Adaptation Wraps Principal Shooting

It's one of the most popular video game franchises at the moment, and before long it's going to be coming to Netflix.


The long-awaited Netflix adaptation of the Golden Joystick-winning Witcher series has concluded its principal shooting.

Although there’s been no official statement yet, the Witcher fansite Redanian Intelligence have linked together various social media posts from the cast and crew of the upcoming adaptation that point to the bulk of the filming having concluded. Director Charlotte Brändström and actor Adam Levy, who plays Mousesack, posted images from inside planes leaving Budapest, while Royce Pierreson, playing Istredd, came right out and said “That’s a wrap for me on #thewitcher“.

As early as November of last year, there was speculation that filming would wrap up around May or June, and this seems to have vindicated the idea – although there’s still some ongoing on-location shooting in Hungary, with actors Anna Shaffer and Therica Wilson-Read seen performing on location, and most notably executive producer Tomasz Bagiński stating on Facebook that he has “another month” to go.

The audience, of course, has several more months to wait, as the actual filming of the show is only part of the process – next comes the editing, post-production, and all the other things that transform it from people wandering around in costumes into a consumable televisual product, with the actual release date tentatively pegged for sometime this Autumn.

Despite the games being the driving force of the franchise, this adaptation is in fact based on the original books by Andrzej Sapkowski. This is an interesting decision given that the first two books, while revolving around Geralt of Rivia, were a series of largely standalone chapters (or dare I say, short stories) closer to a serialisation or anthology series, rather than the continuous long-form narratives more popular in television these days. It’s possible, however, that the production has skipped these earlier installments to lean more heavily on The Witcher Saga, a five-book series released in the mid-to-late ’90s and translated into English in the 2010s as the games became popular.

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