The King’s Man Trailer Takes The Franchise Back To Its Roots

Don't mess with Ralph Fiennes.

The king's man

The trailer for the third entry in the Kingsman franchise has been released online, and can be viewed below. Titled The King’s Man, the film takes place in the 1900s, and will reveal the origin of the top secret Kingsman spy organisation. Ralph Fiennes stars as a fictionalized version of real life army officer T. E. Lawrence, who takes a young protege (played by Harris Dickinson) under his wing as they set out to save the world.

We can see from the mostly sombre trailer that the First World War will play a large role in The King’s Man, although the inclusion of a sword-wielding Rasputin informs us that the comedic tone of the first two films will still be present, even if it ends up being a little toned down.

Matthew Vaughn will returned to direct, but seeing as this is a prequel, none of the cast members from the first two films will be returning. As well as Fiennes, the new cast will include an assortment of recognizable actors including Liam Neeson, Charles Dance, Gemma Arterton, Harris Dickinson, Daniel Brühl, Stanley Tucci, Djimon Hounsou, and Tom Hollander. With names like that attached, The King’s Man’s almost guaranteed to be a hit.

The Kingsman movies are based on the comic book miniseries written by Mark Millar and published by Icon Comics, a subsidiary of Marvel. All of the films in the franchise have been rated R, and in this day an age, a trilogy of big budget R-rated action films is certainly something to celebrate. However, The Golden Circle was less warmly received than The Secret Service, so we can only hope the third entry sets things right with critics.

20th Century Fox, which is now a subsidiary of Disney, will release The King’s Man on February 14, 2020.

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