The Evil Within 2’s Lack of Cat Petting Is Unacceptable

The Evil Within 2 cat
The Evil Within 2

Released on Friday the 13th, The Evil Within 2 is an unflinchingly violent and captivating horror game that’s captured more critical acclaim than its predecessor thanks to the introduction of open environment and a more even tone.

As difficult as Sebastian Castellanos’ mission is, to save his once presumed dead daughter from an artificially constructed nightmare world of the subconsciousness, it does offer some respite. Between all of the shooting and stomping, Sebastian can retreat to his office where he can look through documents, improve his skills, craft weapons, and admire the random Bethesda symbols he picked up along the way.

It also has a cat, who has anointed himself the guardian of the projector, which Sebastian needs to use to view the slides of memories he picks up in Union.

And I am sad to report that you cannot pet the cat.

This grievous oversight comes apparent very early on when Sebastian first encounters the cat. He approaches it and it jumps off the table, which should start up the standard petting procedures, or at least a minigame where you have to chase the cat around the room until it accepts your love. Instead, it just meows again and again, asking for the affection that Sebastian or the player cannot provide. It hurts the heart.

The Evil Within 2 cat

Later, Sebastian shoos the cat away with his hand when it refuses to get down from the table. That’s the closest the player comes to petting, which simply isn’t good enough. It’s 2017: we should be able to pet the cat, take a selfie with him, dress him up as the moody antagonist from the first game, and maybe roll around with him on the floor for a bit. It’s not a big ask.

Animal love is not as common as it should be in gaming. The likes of Far Cry Primal lead the charge, allowing you to pet all the hecking creatures you want with Far Cry 5 also promising to allow you to pet Boomer, your furry sidekick, to let him know that he is the goodest boy for ripping some guy’s throat out. There’s even a groundbreaking game out right now that’s entire gameplay loop asks you to seek out the dog at a party and give him the petting that he deserves.

But it’s not enough, and The Evil Within 2 proves that. With a game this mentally exhausting and tense, being able to pet a cat could even be worked in as a mechanic, perhaps lowering stress levels. You could also bring back discarded appendages as treats so that the cat can provide better therapy. Maybe he can become a companion, doing absolutely nothing as you get disembowelled because cats are prime dickheads. I’m just spitballing here.

If games allow us to press X to pay respects, why can’t we press X to pet animals and realise that everything is alright in the world?

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