The Division 2: How To Play Skirmish & Domination Conflict PVP

How do you access Conflict PVP in The Division 2 to play the Skirmish and Domination modes?

The Division 2

As well as PVE, The Division 2 comes ready with many different forms of PVP from day one. When you first start out, however, the overload of info may stop you from knowing where to find the option for Conflict PVP.

To start a game of Conflict in The Division, go into your character menu via the options button on PS4, menu on Xbox One, and ESC on PC. From there, keep browsing to the left (L1, LB) until you find Conflict; a separate panel will also show your stats for Conflict.

Once you’re ready, go ahead and matchmake for Conflict. With other players found, you can choose whether to play Skirmish or Domination, but seven other players also have a vote.

A 4v4 that uses the ticket/limited lives system of something like Battlefield but on a far more smaller scale. Once all the lives from your team or those of the opponent are depleted, a winner will be declared. The mode most people pick.

Basically King of the Hill meets Rush, Domination tasks you with holding areas to rack up 750 points to declare a winner. Fun, though you are unlikely to play it that much thanks to the voting system.

Winning any Conflict PVP match in The Division 2 will net you the First Among Equals trophy/achievement. Remember that everything is “normalised” in Conflict, so the rarity of your gear won’t matter one jot.

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