The Crew 2 Gameplay Videos Showcase Insane Transformation Mechanic

The Crew 2

New gameplay videos have emerged for Ubisoft’s upcoming open world racing game The Crew 2, showcasing the much anticipated real-time transformation mechanic, which allows you to switch between a car, a plane, a boat and a bike seamlessly, no matter where you are.

The new video from IGN, which you can see below, gives you an idea of the kind of situations you can find yourself, most of them involving flying as high as you can in the plane before switching to another vehicle to plummet headfirst towards terra firma. If Ubisoft don’t utilise this mechanic to hide collectibles and secrets on top of buildings, they’re missing a big trick.

The second video, also from IGN, gives you more of an idea of how the transformation mechanics work whilst free roaming, or in layman’s term, when you’re not dicking about. We also get to see some of the free roaming objectives like speedtraps, along with a few quick examples of the consistent open world that multiple players can explore simultaneously. It’s not shown much, but you can literally see two ships passing in the night.

Whilst the graphics do look amazing, it has to be said that the impact that vehicles have on the ground after falling from a great height seems underwhelming. In fairness, this is probably a trade-off to make the game feel better to play instead landing on the ground and taking a weird bounce or straight up exploding. We’re looking at you here, GTA Online. We’ll know more about how the game plays when The Crew 2 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 29th.

Are you excited for The Crew 2, or were you understandably burnt by the lacklustre first game? Let us know in the comments below, and find out later in the year if it joins our Best Games of 2018 list.