Tetris Effect Coming To The Epic Games Store Next Week

Another PS4 exclusive coming to the EGS.

Tetris Effect
Tetris Effect

Previous PS4 exclusive Tetris Effect will be making its way to PC and PC VR next week, on July 23rd. Good news, right? Well, kind of, as Tetris Effect will be coming to the Epic Games Store. Check out the announcement trailer below, and also have a gander at that like to dislike ratio.

Tetris Effect is a reinvention of the classic Tetris formula, created by the minds behind Rez and Lumines. It’s basically Tetris but with a host of trippy backgrounds and a killer soundtrack, so naturally everyone loved it when it launched back in November 2018 on PS4.

The PC version will support unlocked resolution and an uncapped framerate, while also supporting VR play on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. There will also be plenty of graphical options to tinker with, such as adjustable particle volume, size and texture filtering, all of which weren’t available in the PS4 release.

While it’s great to see a beautiful game like Tetris Effect available on PC, the fact that it’s a Epic Games Store exclusive will no doubt rile up a lot of people. Once again, Epic are spending money hand over fist to try and coax people over to the platform. At least this time, they’re not breaking any Kickstarter promises.

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