The Talos Principle Will Be Getting a Sequel

The Talos Principle

It takes a lot for me to be won over by puzzle games, but somehow The Talos Principle managed it. In my review of the PS4 edition, I praised its story, graphics, and Jeff Goldblum references, going on to give it a 8. It won me over with ease.

So, like most people who played the original, I would be totally open to playing a sequel. Well, at a recent conference, the developer confirmed as much.

It’s a bit foolish to base news on tweets, but the tweeter in question was actually the organiser for the Reboot conference, so it’s a safe bet that he isn’t just going to make stuff up to garner more interest in his event. Right? The internet’s made me too cynical.

We don’t have any other info to give right now, but we’ll be sure to bring you the tidbits as they come in.

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