Tales of Arise: Spherical Shell

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Tales of Arise Spherical Shell
Tales of Arise Spherical Shell

“Flexible hide harvested from an armadillo. The elastic skin that holds the hard portions together also has its uses.”

Spherical Shell is a material for crafting weapons in Tales of Arise that is dropped by Armadillo (location: Sandninus Ravine) after you defeat them.

Weapon crafting becomes available in Tales of Arise after you travel back to Mosgul for the first time. Both merchants and blacksmiths at inns will allow you to craft weapons.

Spherical Shell is used to craft multiple weapons for different party members; here are some examples:

Crude Sword

Spherical Shell can also be sold to merchants for 60 gald apiece. You won’t need too much of it after you unlock early weapons, so be sure to sell it for an easy profit.

Tales of Arise is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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