Tales of Arise: How To Craft Weapons


Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise Weapon Crafting

Tales of Arise is a very big game with a lot of mechanics, including the ability to craft weapons.

Crafting weapons isn’t immediately available in Tales of Arise however, as you must first make some story progress and return to Mosgul for the first time before you unlock the ability to talk to blacksmiths.

Blacksmiths can be found within inns, but Merchants can also act as blacksmiths out in the wild and do pretty much the same job.

To craft weapons, simply approach the blacksmith or merchant and select Forge Weapon.

Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise Weapon Crafting

You will then see a list of weapons that can be crafted; the more you make progress in the story and encounter different materials, the more weapons that will be available to craft.

Materials are obtained from Zeugles out in the wild; you can see the required amount of materials for each weapon in the bottom left.

The Long Sword is the first weapon you can craft in Tales of Arise, a sword for Alphen that requires just two Sharp Fang to craft, as well as 500 Gald. Sharp Fang can be found on the Wolf Zeugles after defeating them.

While you can find some weapons as regular loot, crafting weapons is the best way of increasing your combat capabilities. If you want to raise more Gald quickly, don’t forget to sell off whatever you can, including old weapons that you will never use again.

Tales of Arise is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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