Tales of Arise Launching Next Year On PS4, Xbox One & PC

RPG fans, here's your lot.

Tales of Arise

During last night’s Xbox E3 Briefing, Bandai Namco announced the next instalment in the long running Tales of series. It’s called Tales of Arise, and it looks like more of an action RPG take on the franchise rather than a JRPG. Check out the debut trailer below.

While the trailer and video description don’t reveal much in the way of details, the leaks that circled around before the game’s announcement suggest a plot regarding interplanetary politics and a class war. The planet Rena rules over the planet Dahna, and our two lead characters, one from each planet, work together to try and change not only their own fate, but the fate of their two homeworlds.

Tales of Arise will also be running on Unreal Engine 4, which shows just from the debut trailer alone. Those anime graphics look phenomenal. We can’t wait to explore the world of Tales of Arise when it launches next year on PS4, Xbox One & PC. If it’s anything as good as Tales of Vesperia, we’re in for something special.

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