Stray: How To Browse TV Channels (Télé à Chat Trophy)

Tele A Chat trophy

Télé à Chat is a trophy in Stray that asks players to browse through all of the TV channels.

The TV in question can be found in the Slums chapter on the rooftops. The rooftops can most easily be accessed by going back to the Guardian and clambering up the vending machines and platforms near him.

To find the TV, the best method is to simply find Momo to progress the story, who can be found in a building with orange lighting around it. As you’re leaving Momo’s to find the notebooks, hang a right and go past the slumbering robot. The TV should be on top of the next building.

Clamber onto the couch, then keep pressing triangle to make the cat change the eerie TV channels until the Télé à Chat trophy pops.

Stray is available on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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