Stray: Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy Guide (Dunk the Basketball)

Stray Basketball trophy

Boom Chat Kalaka is a bronze trophy in Stray that asks you to dunk a basketball.

The ball can be found in the Slums, but doesn’t require you to be high up as you might expect. Instead, you will want to be near the Guardian, the first robot you meet.

From the Guardian, hang a right in the direction of the merchant and check out the basketball at the top of the stairs with a bucket that you can nudge the ball into at the bottom of the stairs.

The trick here is to try and nudge the ball as centrally as you can while walking, not running, to try and control its path a bit more. Once the ball lands in the bucket, the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy will pop.

If you miss the shot, don’t forget that you can reload the checkpoint from the pause menu and the ball’s position will be reset.

Stray is available on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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