Starfield: How To Cure Sprains

Throughout your travels in Starfield, you may leave the battlefield totally unharmed, or maybe you’ll bring a few injuries back with you. Either way, you can get some nasty negative status effects that can really impact your gameplay moving forward. One such injury is a Sprain, which even the best of us can get. After all, we have boost packs, but sometimes we don’t quite stick the landing.

Fortunately, it’s a rather easy status effect to fix, and a simple method is to go to the doctors. They are usually held up inside Reliant Medical buildings that can be found across the universe and in every major settlement city, such as New Atlantis, Akila City, and Neon. It’ll cost you a few credits, but money isn’t hard to come by in Starfield.

If you’re out on a mission or too lazy to travel, you can use certain aid items to remove the Sprain status effect in no time. Items such as Immobilizers and Injectors can treat the effect, allowing you to run more freely.

You can also stock up on these aid items at the doctor’s or at other vendors found across the stars. Better yet, pick up every aid item that will cure you of certain negative debuffs while out on your travels. You never know when you might need them, and when you do, you’ll be glad you kept one in your inventory.

If you’re out of options and really struggling, you can always wait it out. The Sprain status effect won’t take too long to heal itself, so just hang in there; it will get better. Be careful not to injure yourself further, or you may wind up with something more serious. If that happens, then maybe check up with the doc. It’ll be for the best.

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