Starfield: How To Access The Constellation Skin Pack

Constellation Pack
Constellation Pack

Whether you’re exploring the galaxy and combing it for resources or fighting off space pirates to protect the people of the universe, you might want to invest some time into creating the ideal look for your character. Skins are a great way to do so, and if you’ve bought the Premium Edition of Starfield, you’ll have access to an abundance of digital goodies, including the Constellation Pack.

For those who’ve jumped in and have already started to explore the far reaches of the universe, you might be wondering how you access the Constellation Skin Pack. Here’s all the know-how for securing yourself these cosmetic goodies without any hassle.


Starfield Premium Edition

Before we jump into how to acquire these items, let’s first label what you’ll be getting with the premium edition, so you know which cosmetics to look for. The premium edition of Starfield not only gives you 5 days of early access but also a variety of digital and cosmetic DLC. Here’s everything included with the premium edition:

  • Constellation Skin Pack
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Artbook
  • 5 Days Early Access
  • Shattered Space Story Expansion


How to Apply the Constellation Pack

Without spoiling anything, you’ll eventually find yourself in a place called New Atlantis, located on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. Following the main quest will take you there and eventually to a place called The Lodge, also located in New Atlantis. After talking with the NPCs there, it’s in The Lodge where you can access the Constellation DLC Pack.

Constellation Pack
Constellation Pack

Starting at the entrance inside The Lodge, you’ll want to head to the right and follow the path that leads down into the basement. On the right-hand side of the basement will be two workshops, one for weapons and the other for your spacesuit.

The Constellation Pack is only for select weapons and spacesuits. Here’s what the Constellation Pack includes:

  • Constellation Skin – Equinox Laser Rifle
  • Constellation Skin – Helmet
  • Constellation Skin – Spacesuit
  • Constellation Skin – Boost Pack

To apply the Constellation Skin to the Equinox laser rifle, you’ll first need to own one. These weapons do appear in the early game. If you play the mission The Old Neighbourhood and follow it until you get to a space station located in orbit around the Earth’s moon, the enemies there can drop the Equinox laser rifle. Completing the mission will also give you the Constellation spacesuit, boost pack, and helmet, which you will need to apply the Constellation Skin Pack to.


Once you have the weapon, simply enter the weapons workshop in either The Lodge or any other workshop you can find and select the Equinox weapon. Go down to skins, and the Constellation Skin will be there for you to apply to your weapon.

The same can be said for your spacesuit essentials. Simply go to the spacesuit workshop and select the Constellation spacesuit, pack, and helmet (the skin pack only works on these gear pieces). Then, like before, scroll down to the skin option and apply the Constellation Skin.

Now you’re a true team player for the Constellation faction, and you can go off to explore the many planets Starfield has to offer. The Constellation exists to find what’s out there, and wherever your journey takes you, there will always be something new to discover.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox.

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