Is Star Wars Outlaws Coming to Game Pass?

Star Wars Outlaws
Star Wars Outlaws

During the 2023 Xbox Showcase, viewers were treated to a first look at Ubisoft’s foray into the Star Wars universe, Star Wars Outlaws. The development team at Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment decided to set the Jedi aside and instead focus on scoundrel Kay Vess and her Merqaal companion Nix. Unlike Electronic Arts’ Fallen Order, Outlaws takes a more grounded approach, swapping out Jedi powers for the cunning and very down-to-Earth skills of Kay, but will fans be able to play Outlaws via Game Pass?

While Fallen Order and Outlaws appear to be fundamentally different, there is at least one thing they could share that Xbox owners will want — and that’s a release on Game Pass. Fallen Order may not have launched on Game Pass on day one, but it did make its way onto the platform as a result of it also being a part of EA Play. Will Outlaws follow the same path? Is Ubisoft more likely to give Game Pass subscribers a day-one crack at Kay’s perils in a galaxy far, far away? Or is Outlaws on Game Pass a pipe dream with no chance of happening? We have the details on this for you below.


Star Wars Outlaws on Game Pass

A Game Pass day one release of a Star Wars game would be a pretty significant deal. So much so that, if it were happening, Ubisoft wouldn’t play coy and leave it out of the game’s reveal. Of course, we still have at least a year before Outlaws releases and it could be an announcement saved for another time, but the likelihood that Star Wars Outlaws is coming to Game Pass is very slim.

It’s possible that Ubisoft+ members will receive something, like a free trial or eventual free access to Outlaws. However, a Game Pass release doesn’t seem to be in the stars (pun intended). Ubisoft hasn’t been big on releasing its library on Game Pass, with only a handful of titles like Assassin’s Creed Origins, Far Cry 5, Watch Dogs 2, and Rainbow Six Siege finding a home on the platform.

We may learn more as we get closer to Outlaws’ release date, so keep your macrobinocular peeled for updates.


About Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars has pretty much always been about the heroics of a band of rebels going up against the Galactic Empire. Much like The Mandalorian did, Outlaws is stepping away from that formula. At least initially.

As one of the titular outlaws, players will traverse the Outer Rim to pull off an elaborate heist. The open-world action-adventure will feature stealth mechanics and vehicular traversal and combat, but one of the game’s most exciting features is its space battles.

If you long for the epic galactic confrontations of Star Wars: Battlefront II, then Outlaws may finally satisfy that itch with seamless ground-to-space transitions. Entering space will allow players to engage foe or if things get too dicey, kick into hyperspace and escape to another planet.

We expect to hear so much more about Star Wars Outlaws later this year. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll get that Game Pass announcement. Probably not, of course, but you can hope. Outlaws is slated for a 2024 release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X & S.

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