Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Artwork Leaked Online

Or Fallen ORDEEERRRRRR if your name is John Bercow.

Fallen Order

A recent leak on Amazon, for a t-shirt listing no less, has revealed some pretty sweet looking artwork for the soon to be revealed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Check out the artwork for yourself below, and get really excited over the fact it’s finally going to be revealed tomorrow.

The artwork, found by one of Twitter’s many keepers of great secrets Wario64, depicts a lone Jedi with their droid sidekick, scanning the barren wastes of a hostile planet while the Empire looms in the distance. Ominous stuff, and we really can’t wait to find out more.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, we already know that Jedi: Fallen Order will take place between Episodes 3 and 4, with our main protagonist trying to avoid the Empire’s reign of terror in the aftermath of Order 66. With a tagline of “Don’t Stand Out”, we can probably expect some stealth aspects, but so long as we get to take down a few battalions of Stormtroopers along the way, we’ll be happy.

Fallen Order will get a full reveal at the Star Wars Celebration Event which is happening right now. Respawn’s panel is set for 7:30pm GMT tomorrow, so we won’t have to wait too long. Are you excited, or are you more concerned about the Episode 9 reveal that’s scheduled for later today? Sound off in the comments.

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