Square Enix Seemingly Avoiding Sending Out Forspoken Review Codes

Typically not a good sign.

Forspoken game
Forspoken game

It’s been revealed by reviewers from various outlets and YouTube channels that Square Enix are seemingly witholding review codes for Forspoken, the upcoming RPG action adventure set to launch on January 24th for PC and Steam.

Several people on Twitter, from some prominent outlets like VGC or Skill Up, have posted about how themselves and others haven’t received code yet. Meanwhile, others jumping into the replies to mention how Square Enix PR have told them they won’t be sending out review codes until either Monday or even launch day, particularly on PC as Square Enix are waiting for a day one patch before sending out codes.

While it’s true that outlets aren’t entitled to review codes from publishers, this news is noteworthy as code being withheld this long typically means that there’s some issues with the final product. That might not be the case, and Forspoken could be a GOTY contender when it launches on Tuesday, but the signs are there for a game that might not be all its cracked up to be. If you’ve got a pre-order down for Forspoken, you might just want to hold off until the game launches.

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