Southpaw Regional Wrestling Coming To The WWE Network

Yet more reason to fork out JUST $9.99 a month.

Going on long road trips with your best buds would probably lead to all sorts of hijinks. For the superstars of the WWE, those hijinks spawned Southpaw Regional Wrestling, an episodic parody of territorial ‘rasslin released exclusively on WWE’s Youtube channel. The brief series was a massive hit amongst the fanbase, with some of the beloved characters even selling tons of merchandise. A sequel season was soon in the works, delving even further back into the history of Southpaw’s lineage, including even more of our favourite WWE superstars donning silly costumes and producing even more hilarious skits.

But finally, the Southpaw tapes are breaking out of the confines of Youtube and being added to the WWE Network libraries. According to various news reports, the first season will be the first to be uploaded on Monday, September 25th and it can only be assumed that the second season will follow soon after.

Perhaps the massive popularity of the Southpaw franchise is going to lead to even bigger Network-exclusive content? Maybe the long lost tapes of Showdown at the Swamp will be uncovered and broadcasted live to the Universe? Or even the flamboyant roster brought in by WWE to finally settle the scores at Lethal Leap Year, decades in the making.

Either way, another marathon of Southpaw Regional Wrestling is on the cards for me.

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