Sony Have Confirmed There’s No PS1/2/3 Backwards Compatibility On PS5

PS4 games only for the PS5.

Ps5 Console Design
PS5 Console Design

While they never said that the PS5 would support backwards compatibility beyond the PS4, Sony have now confirmed that the PS5 would only PS4 games. No luck for anyone hoping to play their PS1/2/3 games, much like how the Xbox Series X/S will be able to support the previous three generations of Xbox.

Current PlayStation head Jim Ryan spoke to the Japanese outlet Famitsu to confirm that the PS5’s capabilities were designed to be forward thinking: “We have been building devices with a focus on PS5-specific engineering. Among them, PS4 already has 100 million players, so I thought that I would like to play PS4 titles on PS5 as well, so I introduced PS4 compatibility. While achieving that, we focused on incorporating high-speed SSDs and the new controller DualSense in parallel. So, unfortunately, compatibility with them has not been achieved.”

While initial reports regarding the PS5’s backwards compatibility capabilities suggested that it wouldn’t natively support BC like Xbox does, Jim Ryan has since clarified to the Washington Post that “99%” of the PS4’s games would be playable on the PS5. Of course, that all depends on the type of console you buy. If you purchase the digital edition PS5, you won’t be able to bring your physical games with you. Sounds obvious when its written out like that, but worth remembering before you make a purchase.

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