Sons of the Forest: Where To Find the Modern Axe

Sons Of The Forest Modern Axe
Sons Of The Forest Modern Axe

The Modern Axe in Sons of the Forest is a powerful, effective version of the Tactical Axe that you start the game with, but is much slower to swing.

The Modern Axe can be found on the body of a soldier at an abandoned camp near the snowy area at the below location on the map.

Sons Of The Forest
Sons Of The Forest

The location is quite a ways in from the coast, and can be found near a a purple exclamation mark that is for the GPS Locators, which you need for placing map markers. The camp is actually full of very valuable resources, including Printer Resin, and also has a save point, so be sure to scour every inch of it.

There may be other locations for the Modern Axe in the game, we will update this if we come across any more.

The Modern Axe makes your life a whole lot easier in Sons of the Forest, but do beware that it has quite a slower swing compared to the Tactical Axe. Left click is attack/harvest, while right click is to guard.

Sons of the Forest is available on PC.

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