Sons of the Forest: How To Save

Sons of the Forest save
Sons of the Forest save

Sons of the Forest is a pretty unforgiving game if you’re playing in single-player, even with Kelvin by your side. Days can be long and challenging and the nights even worse, so saving your game is the the way to go if you don’t want to lose a whole lot of progress or just take a break.

To save your progress in Sons of the Forest, you must first build a shelter. The easiest shelter to build just requires one or two sticks and 1x tarp. Sticks are very common and can be found all throughout the island, while a tarp is located in one of the containers when you land.

Once your shelter is built, simply approach it and press E. You can have more than ten saves at any one time during your playthrough so don’t worry about losing any progress if you keep many different files. To load any of these saves, just return to the main menu.

Sons of the Forest is available on PC.

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