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Single of the Week: Oddisee – Things

To say Oddisee is one of the biggest names to watch in hip-hop would actually be something of an understatement.

The best rappers map their lyricism to ideas which hit you head on when the beat does, but take far longer to settle. Since he came onto the scene, Oddisee has made a name for himself spitting bars that make you feel an odd combination of engrossed and deeply uncomfortable. Sometimes they’re introspective, sometimes they play around with broad ideas, but in either case, you find yourself picking out key words, following them deeper and then inevitably hitting that ‘oh, shit…’ moment. ‘Things’ – the leading track from his upcoming album – is no exception.

In terms of production, ‘Things’ moves in a bit of a different direction. Gone are the funky, lounge jazz breaks of The Good Fight, replaced by pitched up vocal samples and the womping EDM beats that they oft come affixed to. It’s still quintessentially Oddisee, but it’s certainly a new approach. It’s hard to tell whether the motivation for this tune is primarily political or cultural, but there’s certainly a palpable passion running behind it.

The new album is called The Iceberg, and it drops on February 24th.


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