Serious Sam 4 Coming To Steam & Stadia In August, Consoles Next Year

Stadia exclusive for a while, it seems.

Serious Sam 4

Croteam and Devolver Digital have revealed that Serious Sam 4, the next entry in the long-running first person shooter series, will be launching on Steam and Google Stadia at some point in August of this year. Check out the announcement trailer below.

In a statement released to Kotaku regarding the decision to bring Serious Sam 4 to Google Stadia, a representative for Devolver Digital revealed that the game was still slated to release on the “PS4 and Xbox One”, though the exclusivity deal meant that the game won’t be seen on consoles until 2021.

Serious Sam 4 is a prequel for the iconic series, bringing with it a host of new weapons, enemies and features to create the ultimate Serious Sam experience. Hopefully, that experience won’t come with a tonne of lag thanks to Stadia, but you’ll find out for yourself this August.

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