Saints Row: How To Import Your Boss Factory Character

Pay the cost to be the Boss.

Saints Row Boss Factory
Saints Row Boss Factory

In order to get players interested in the launch of Saints Row, THQ Nordic and Volition released Saints Row: Boss Factory, which let players tinker with the character creation engine before the full game was released. For those looking to save time before purchasing the full game, creating your character through Boss Factory is the perfect way to go about it. Here’s how you can import your Boss Factory creation in Saints Row.

If you’re looking to import your Saints Row character, you’ll first need to make one through Boss Factory and then specifically share that character. You can create and share multiple characters through Boss Factory, so you could theoretically create the player character you want, followed by some colourful monstrosities for when you’re feeling a bit spicy.

After you’ve created and shared your characters through Saints Row: Boss Factory, importing your Boss over into Saints Row proper is incredibly easy. After a short introductory cutscene to the game, you’ll be able to create your own Boss, and if you’ve shared your Boss correctly, you’ll be able to import the character over immediately. From there, you can hit the ground running and get to taking over Santo Ileso as soon as possible.

You can also import characters during the regular game too by opening the Sharing app on your in-game phone. Here, you can upload your own bosses, view Bosses uploaded by other players and even download/rate player’s creations. If you see a Shrek lookalike or a handsome Squidward that you simply must have, you can just download those creations and apply either the body, outfit or both to your own character.

Saints Row is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X & S.

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