Saints Row and Metro Leaving Xbox Game Pass This October

Saints Go. That works as a joke, right?

Game Pass

It wouldn’t be an official Game Pass games announcement of any kind without the news of some removals, and while 5 games might be on their way to the service over the next week and a half, we’ll be saying goodbye to another five. The news comes from this tweet below.

In the blog post linked to the tweet, it was revealed which five games will be removed from Xbox Game Pass, with PC subscribers taking the brunt of the hit. On October 15th, Felix The Reaper, Metro 2033 Redux and Minit will be removed from the Game Pass library for console and PC, while Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and State of Mind will be removed from the PC library specifically.


Which Game Is The Most Notable Removal?

As far as removals go, October isn’t the most devastating month, especially when you consider that games like DOOM Eternal are being added to Game Pass. That being said, it’ll be sad to say goodbye to Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, which is still one of the best open world games on the market. Make sure to utilise the 20% discount that comes with titles being on Game Pass to purchase the game before its gone.

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