Rust’s Sunburn DLC Features Sunglasses, Water Guns, Boogie Boards & More

Salt levels in the sea also expected to rise.

Rust Sunburn DLC
Rust Sunburn DLC

If you think that Rust offers nothing but pain and suffering, you’re wrong. Thanks to the new Sunburn Pack DLC, Rust will soon offer more exotic than usual pain and suffering.

Released to coincide with the new, apparently sunny weather season, Sunburn features heaps of new cosmetics and features for $9.99 with a 10% discount at launch. As well as allowing you to surf and take on your friends (and also AK kids, I guess, if you’re feeling crazy) in water fights, Sunburn captures the post-apocalyptic essence of Rust by allowing you to take cute snaps of your friends and hanging them on your wall.

On top of all that, Sunburn will provide paddling pools, beach gear, and, the most important thing of all for sunny weather, a pair of sunglasses. Can you imagine spawning on a beach and then getting involved in a love barbecue? Wouldn’t that be a nice break from instant death.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Sunburn DLC from the game’s press release.


New Deployable Vehicles

Rust Boogie Board
Rust Boogie Board

Boogie Board and Inner Tube
These two deployable vehicles will let you take to the ocean in style. Pop one down in any body of water and you can paddle around to your heart’s content. The Inner Tube is a bit slower but can turn easily, while the Boogie Board is built for speed but can’t turn as well. You can also equip items while on an Inner Tube, so feel free to shoot your teammates with a water gun while catching some waves.


New Items

Rust Water Guns
Rust Water Guns

Water Guns
Grab a water gun, fill it up from a water source and go on a splashing spree! Soak your mates or enemies (as long as they have a water gun equipped, too) enough and they’ll start to take water damage.

The water pistol has a low output and range, but doesn’t require pumping. The larger water gun has increased range and output but will need pumping to maintain its extended range.


Instant Camera and Photo Frames

Rust Photo Frames
Rust Photo Frames

Snap photos of your summer fun with the Ontara Pro instant camera. You can write messages onto the photos and share them with others like notes. Each camera can take up to 30 photos!

You can place your photos into these new deployable photo frames to show them off to the world. Hold E on them to access its inventory and swap the photos out. You can also paint over the frame like signs!



Rust sunglasses
Rust sunglasses

Shield your eyes from the hot sun with the new equippable Sunglasses. Provides no protection, but they look really cool.

New Structures and Furniture

Rust Paddling Pool
Rust Paddling Pool

Paddling Pool
Once filled up, the Paddling Pool acts as a water source for your Boogie Board and Inner Tubes.

Above Ground Pool
The Above Ground Pool is a massive pool with plenty of space for aquatic activities. As well as including a large pool, it also includes a deck area where you can deploy other props like chairs, instruments and turrets.

Beach Towel
The Beach Towel is a new item that acts as a respawn point. While it works really well on the beach and by the pool, it will work anywhere you can use a Sleeping Bag.

Beach Recliner, Parasol and Table
This furniture set includes three separate props to style your above ground pool. The Recliner is a large chair where you can kick back and relax, the Parasol is a large umbrella that reduces the temperature for any players underneath it, and the Table is a small surface that goes well with the rest of the furniture.

The Sunburn Pack will be available from Thursday, July 9th. Rust is a sandbox survival game currently available on Steam with a console release due for sometime this year. Check out our interview Facepunch while we have you, or why the game is such a captivating misanthrope simulator.

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