Romance of The Three Kingdom Returns; Coming Early 2020

How will you conquer Ancient China?

Three Kingdoms

Koei Tecmo America have sounded the war drums and announced the return of one of its oldest franchises: the historical grand strategy game Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV has been confirmed for development for PS4 and digitally on PC via Steam.

The latest iteration of the thirty-five year old tactical series is once again set during the fall of the Han Dynasty in Ancient China, where influence and territory are up for grabs in a mad scramble for power. The game’s map showcases captured lands using a simplified color system, a direct homage to the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms that released back in 1985. Players will be in direct control of everything from diplomatic affairs to war as they try to master the chaos across a vast historical China.

In addition, RTK14 will adopt the ruler-based system from RTK9 and RTK11. What this means is that all actions, be they battles or debates or commerce meetings will all take place on a single map. Greater character individuality is also promised, with iconic Three Kingdoms officers like Guan Yu showing you why they were considered legends and giving players a better taste of the history of both the game and the historical period.

A new “Evolved Artificial Intelligence” is also being implemented to shake things up, even if you’ve played through scenarios repeatedly. With kingdoms realized through each individual ruler’s ideas, there’s plenty of different routes for every side, all dependent on who you put at the helm. How your ruler uses the wisdom of the officers you surround them with is paramount to taking over the land in the most efficient way possible.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is scheduled for western release in early 2020 on PS4 and Steam. Are you excited? Conquer our comments down below.

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