Röki Is A Truly Charming Game From Polygon Treehouse

Prepare to be besotted with this next year.

Roki game

The woods is a popular location for folklore and fairytales of old, and it’s also the key location for upcoming adventure game, Röki. Myself and Jimmy managed to get hands on with the long awaited titled at EGX this year, and we’re happy to say it’s shaping up nicely.

The game opened with us making our way through a weird tunnel in a tree, filled with creepy, strange eyes, which eads through to the snowbound woods of Röki, and we quickly find ourselves on an adventure.

Röki’s gameplay is very modern, feeling much like a two dimensional platform game, but its mechanics are more reminiscent of a traditional point and click adventure title. We quickly came across a troll under a bridge blocking our way, a sword stuck in its shoulder.

Pushing further into the woods, we discovered further locations and buildings to explore. Much like point and click based adventure games, Röki is based around the aspect of finding items, sometimes combining them and using them in order to overcome the next obstacle blocking game progression.

In this case, we combined a number of items together that we found in the woods, abandoned buildings and a graveyard, and used them to remove the sword stuck in the shoulder of the troll. Following this, she stepped aside and allowed us to pass.

Röki has a wonderfully charming art style. While it’s all played on a 2D plane, the graphics are actually 3D, giving the world depth and making the woods appear a much denser and intimidating location.

It was only a short demo, but did enough to get me excited for the main game.

Röki is due for release on the PC and Switch soon.

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