Robert De Niro Speaks Up About De-Aging Technology

Is it me, or do Scorsese and gang have it out for Marvel?

The Irishman

At the BFI London Film Festival this past Friday, critically-acclaimed actor Robert De Niro responded to an audience member who questioned whether the de-aging technology used in his new film, the Martin Scorsese-directed The Irishman, impacted the way that he and his co-stars approached their acting.

“The technological stuff can only go so far” he responded. “It’s not going to change other things. If it does to such a point it becomes something that is not what a person is, what a human is. It can be another type of entertainment, like comic strip things, Marvel. The comic book character-type things, cartoony stuff.”

From his comments, it’s fair to say that he feels such technology should be used sparingly in realistic films – a sentiment most filmgoers would agree with. After Disney used CGI in Star Wars: Rogue One to de-age the now-deceased Princess Leia actress, Carrie Fisher, many have feared they could abuse similar technology in future installments to keep her presence in the films. There has to be a line, and De Niro seems to have the right idea.

The Irishman is set to release November 1st in select theaters, and November 27th on Netflix. In the meantime, the Academy Award-winning actor can be seen now in 2019’s most controversial film Joker.

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