Resident Evil Village: Where To Find Juicy Game


Resident Evil Village Juicy Game

As well as being what everyone seems to call the game’s massive antagonist, Juicy Game in Resident Evil Village is a vital ingredient for cooking Tochitura de Pui from The Duke to greatly increase your health permanently.

“A savory stew made from the juicy meat of a rare bird found only in this region. Fabled to enhance one’s vitality.”

Juicy Game is dropped by a blue bird that you can find the first time after you return to the main village from the castle. Head on over to the Graveyard, which is pretty much in the center of the village.

Resident Evil Village Juicy Game
Resident Evil Village Juicy Game

Look up to the left in the tree and you should see a blue bird; you may want to use the F2 Rifle to have a better look as they’re pretty small.

Juicy Game
Juicy Game

Shoot them out of the tree and they will turn into Juicy Game.

Take the Juicy Game back to The Duke and hand it over along with 4x Poultry and 3x meat for him to cook you the Tochitura de Pui dish. You can also sell Juicy Game to him, but considering that only one seems to spawn in the entire game, it’s not worth it when you can increase your health instead.

Resident Evil Village is available now for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One.

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