Resident Evil Village: Where To Find Quality Meat

Quality, mate!

Ciorba de Porc | Quality Meat

Quality Meat is a cooking ingredient in Resident Evil Village that’s used for making Ciorba de Porc, a dish from the Duke that will help you take less damage when guarding.

“A flavorful broth soup made with high quality meat from a creature found only in this region. Protein rich for turning boys into bastions.”

You must first escape the castle before you can pick up this ingredient. Quality Meat can be found in Fallow Plot in the central village hub, which is near Luiza’s House that has burnt down — also where you can find Luiza’s Necklace.

Resident Evil Village Quality Meat
Resident Evil Village Quality Meat

To find Quality Meat, return to the cabin where you first met Leonardo and Elena and the look through the window. You’ll see a huge pig there, which you can then either shoot (for quite a lot of ammo) or chase around with your knife.

Resident Evil Village quality meat location
Resident Evil Village quality meat location

Once the pig has been “defeated”, they will turn into Quality Meat.

Pick this up and return to The Duke along with 1x Fish and 5x meat for him to cook you the Ciorba de Porc dish and help you guard more effectively.

Resident Evil Village is available now for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One.

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