Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass Leaks Suggest We’ll Be Getting Just 6 Operators

"My leaky babes are in position."

Ahead of Year 5 and its upcoming reveal at the Six Invitational held in Montreal in February, a Reddit user has leaked an in-game message (thanks, TSA) from an upcoming build that suggests we will be getting fewer Operators than usual.

It’s tradition for yearly Siege passes to give eight Operators as soon as they’re added to the game, but according to the leak, we will only be getting six.

Siege year 5 pass

As well as that, the leak gives a very early look at some of the Operators, though they are incredibly hard to make out.

Siege Year 5

Two new Operators are showcased with what looks like three of the OG Operators and also Jackal behind them in the darkened background. Harry “Six” Pandey, the head of Rainbow and the guy in the middle, looks like Shawn Ashmore, but maybe that’s just me.

Two fewer Operators than usual has raised some concerns with fans in the Reddit post, many believing that a rework of Tachanka could be the reason behind the drop-off, as well as more focus on reworking things in general. Siege has over 50 Operators as things stand, so perhaps Ubisoft are looking to make things a bit more manageable in terms of balance.

There’s also no mention of the typical 600 R6 credits that the yearly pass provides, which is odd. Getting early access to Operators and discounts in the shop still applies with a Year 5 pass purchase.

This could all, of course, be a typo or a work-in-progress message, so don’t take it as gospel.

Year 5 of Siege will also introduce a Battle Pass, which is bound to be the hottest thing going into the next generation of gaming. On top of that, Ubisoft have previously discussed how Year 5 will have a bigger focus on story, perhaps building things towards Quarantine’s release.

Since launching in a messy state in 2015, Siege has gone on to receive great acclaim from fans and critics with it recently hitting 50 million players, though that number has no doubt been bolstered by the amount of free weekends it hosts.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with next-gen console ports already part of Ubisoft’s plans. Question is: will they also allow cross-platform progression?

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