PSN ID Name Changes Coming To PS4 Today & Tomorrow [UPDATED]

RIP, RobloxK1ng69.

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UPDATE: it’s actually coming to US players today (April 10th) and those in Europe tomorrow (April 11th). No idea why they would say “officially launching to all PlayStation 4 owners” in the two separate blog updates if that’s not the case, but okay.

UPDATE 2: after scouring through a tonne of different PlayStation blogs, the update will be applied today for those in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Those in Europe, Japan, and Russia will get it tomorrow.

After years of waiting, Sony have confirmed that they will roll out the feature to allow players to change their PSN ID tomorrow. LoopyFiasco, it’s been real, but I am not that teenage boy anymore.

From April 11th, players, either through a PlayStation 4 console or web browser, will be able to alter their PSN ID following a successful beta preview that saw certain players being eligible for the name change early.

It’s as simple as changing your name and, bam, you’re reborn. Try to pick something that will not be embarrassing in a few years, though: the first change is free but is £3.99/€4.99 after each tweak for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It’s a bit pricier at £7.99/€9.99 for everyone else.

Once it’s changed, your old ID and your new will be able to be displayed side-by-side in friends lists so that your friends can figure out who the “new” person is. If you don’t like your new PSN ID after a while, you can revert to your old one, which is free and can be done unlimited times. Only you will ever have that old ID.

There are some caveats, however. As Sony previously mentioned, games published before April 2018 may not work with the name change, and there are those that may work but have a lot of issues, most notably GTA V, The Last of Us, and Titanfall 2 among others. There are even some with critical issues, which Sony identify as:

-User may lose in-game currency whether paid for or earned;
– Loss of game progress, including scores and progress toward trophy unlocking; and
– Loss of user-generated content or parts of the game may not function properly, both online and offline.

If you have a game in this category, we do not recommend changing your online ID if you wish to continue playing that game without losing its entitlements and achievements which you have already bought or released. It is possible to incur permanent game errors or data loss as a result of using the feature.

And those games are:

Disc Jam™
MLB The Show 16
Everybody’s Golf
MLB® The Show™ 15
Just Dance 2017
LittleBigPlanet™ 3
The Golf Club 2
MLB 14 The Show
Worms Battlegrounds

Damn, I was just thinking about buying a five year old baseball game as well.

Are you looking forward to finally changing your name?

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