Pragmata: Story, Platforms & What You Need To Know


Pragmata is the upcoming mysterious sci-fi game from Capcom, which introduces a man in a space suit, a little girl and a holographic robot cat all navigating the end of the world together. The game will be a sci-fi adventure, but little else is known at the moment apart from the game’s delay to 2023 after it was originally scheduled for 2022. Here’s all you need to know about Pragmata, including when it’s coming out, where you can play  it, and what (we think) it’s all about.


When is Pragmata Coming Out?


Pragmata doesn’t currently have an exact release date confirmed, but it does have a release window of 2023.

During the announcement trailer in June 2020, it was stated to be in development for release in 2022, but in a tweet from Pragmata and Capcom in November 2021 the studio said, “Our team is hard at work on the project, but to ensure this will be an unforgettable adventure, we’ve decided to shift the release window to 2023.”


What is Pragmata About?


There’s been no gameplay shown of Pragmata as yet, and details known about the plot and setting are limited. Here’s the synopsis from its Xbox page:

“Pragmata is an all-new action adventure title that depicts a near-future dystopian world on the moon through a deeply profound story and setting. The game will take full advantage of next-generation platform features, and as a completely new IP for Capcom, the company aims to establish Pragmata as one of its core brands. Pragmata is planned to release in 2023, with more details on the game’s content and release timing forthcoming.”

From the reveal trailer, the setting appears to be a post-apocalyptic earth after a major calamitous event. The planet seems to have contorted growths that have the ability to change and distort reality. The moon also appears different to the one we know today, seeming to have a metallic sheen or covering.

A man in a space suit is shown walking through a deserted city environment before meeting the little girl and holographic cat. During the trailer, something seems to go wrong and the girl uses some unknown powers to save her party from danger, implying that she may not be as human as she first appears, especially as she has no difficulty breathing in space. The end scene of the trailer then shows the girl and the spaceman on the moon staring at earth, referring to it as “our freedom”.

Further than this, no details about the plot of Pragmata have been revealed yet.


Which Platforms Will Pragmata Be On?


Pragmata will be released for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X & S. There has been no confirmed Switch, Xbox One or PS4 release, but it’s looking very unlikely with less and less cross-gen games being developed. It’s confirmed that Pragmata will use next-gen technology such as ray tracing, so expect high spec requirements for PC users.

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