Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Crown Tundra – How To Catch Legendary Giant Pokémon

Regice and Registeel yourself, we gotta Regirock through this guide.

Crown Tundra
Crown Tundra

The latest Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC, The Crown Tundra, has finally arrived. With a huge new land to explore, returning fan-favorite Pokémon and the all-new Dynamax Adventures, Game Freak has certainly saved the best offering for last.

Some of these returning Pokémon are older Legendary Pokémon not normally obtainable outside their region. The most prolific of these returning legends is the elemental trio of Regirock, Registeel and Regice. The DLC also brings two new beings into the mix in the form of the electrifying Regieleki and the monstrous Regidrago. With temples scattered across the Tundra, we’ll show you how to find “The Terrible Titans Lurking Locked Away.”

When exiting Freezington and into the Giant’s bed, you will be flanked by a large stone temple. This temple is carved into the side of the mountain and is very apparent as you leave the small town. When you approach the door, simply whistle with a click of the left stick to open it. Once inside, step on the tiles and approach the statue to awaken Registeel. This is the easiest one to find, the others are a bit more tucked away.

Regirock’s shrine is located near the river across from Dyna Tree Hill. Right before crossing the river to the giant tree there is a path off to the side that does not lead uphill. It is easy to miss, but if you stay on the path you will find a large temple entrance. The “never-changing stone” in the door’s riddle is an Everstone. Simply have the first Pokémon in your party hold Everstone and interact with the door to open it. Once inside, touch all the tiles and approach the statue to face Regirock head on.

Regice is off the beaten path of Snowslide Slope. While ascending the mountain, you will encounter some ruins. Keep an eye out for ruins surrounded by tall grass and move through it. You’’ll know you’re on the right path as you pass by strong Pokémon and eventually find yourself in front of an archway leading to the entrance to Regice’s temple. The “living crystal of snow” is the Pokémon Cryogonal, who will need to lead your team if you are to enter. Touch all the tiles then approach the statue to fight Regice.

Regieleki and Regidrago
Before attempting to capture the two newest members of the titan team, you must have first caught the original three. It’s the only way to open the door. To find it, go through the Roaring-Sea Caves and into the Frigid Sea, then into the water and directly to the right. There will be another beach you will be able to ride onto and following this path will lead you to Three-Point Pass. Passing the large claw-like rock formation is another temple door, but pay mind to the braille dots on the outside. Whichever of the two sets you choose will decide whether the statue you awaken will be Regieleki or Regigdrago. Don’t worry about putting the wrong one in the first time, you can always back out and try the other one before making your final decision.

Remember, these Pokémon are not guaranteed captures like the legendary Pokémon found in Dynamax Adventures. These guys will not pull their punches and are just as tough to catch as traditional legendaries, so make sure you bring status ailments such as sleep or paralysis to make things easier for you. Don’t worry about defeating these golems, however. After knocking them out you can simply awaken the statues once again to challenge them. Soon you’ll be commanding the elements with the titanic power of these legendary Pokémon.

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