Pokémon Go Halloween Event: Spiritomb, Darkrai, Galarian Yamask & More

There's a lot of spooks to get through.

Gengar Pokemon Go Halloween
Gengar Pokemon Go Halloween

While Covid-19 may have cancelled a lot of things, the Halloween event in Pokémon Go isn’t one of them.

As expected, there’s an abundance of raid events, costumed Ghost Pokémon, Galarian appearances, and other tasks and rewards for you to complete and earn. The main Halloween event runs from October 23rd 6pm PDT (GMT -7) until November 3rd 8pm PDT (GMT -8).


Pokémon Go Halloween: What To Catch

Here’s what you’ll want to be looking out for during the Pokémon Go Halloween Event.

Ghost type Pokémon will be appearing more frequently in the wild, hatching from eggs and available to battle in raids.
Gengar and Sableye will be available in costumes, with the former in raids and the latter in both the wild and in eggs.
– New Special Research will be available for you to complete, and amongst the rewards will be an encounter with the newly released Galarian Yamask.
Spiritomb will be available from Field Research and Special Research, with the chance to encounter its shiny form for the first time.
Darkrai will be back in Tier 5 raids, and will be able to be encountered in its shiny form, as with its previous release. Mega Energy will also be rewarded in Timed Research for Mega Gengar.
– Special Halloween themed Avatar Items will be in the in-game shop, as well as special boxes.
2x Catch Candy and 2x Transfer Candy rewards will both be active during the whole event.


Pokémon Go Halloween Special Events

As well as this general Halloween event, there are a few special events thrown in inbetween for you to enjoy as well, so pay attention to these dates:

Alolan Marowak Raid Day (October 31st, 11am-5pm local time) – Alolan Marowak will be appearing more often in raids during these hours. With its shiny form already released, you will have a chance to encounter this.
Catch Mastery: Ghost Day (October 25th, 8am-10pm local time) – Ghost type Pokémon will be appearing more frequently during these hours, with special Timed Research to complete as well. The featured Pokémon is Driftloon, with the chance to encounter its shiny, and you’ll also earn extra XP for every Nice, Great, Excellent and Curveballs throw that you manage.
GO Battle League Halloween Cup (October 26th-November 3rd) – the in-game GO Battle League will have a Halloween Cup running during these days. You are only able to use Poison, Bug, Ghost, Dark and Fairy types that are 1500CP or less. Your encounter rewards during this time will include costumed Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

Pokémon Go is a downloadable mobile game for iOS and Android where you can catch, battle and trade Pokémon in the real world. Team up with your friends for Mega Raids, and stay safe while you try and catch ‘em all!

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