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Playlist of the Week: Winter Walks

Our British readers will likely attest to the fact that this winter has been a bit of a damp squib – literally. Aside from a brief cold snap in November, it’s been wet, mild, and altogether un-wintery. Sadly, January is looking like more of the same, but sometimes music can add a little colour to the atmosphere which the sky seems so stubbornly unwilling to provide. Winter walks, purposeful or otherwise, can be a bit depressing, but some appropriate music can quickly turn that around, and that’s what this playlist is offering.


From Sufjan Stevens to MONO to Radiohead, this playlist is an ideal counterpart to a stroll through the grey, leafless, chilly landscape that January bestows upon us. Even if the view isn’t particularly inspiring, this roster will hopefully help you to appreciate the colder climate, and see some meaning in those steamy plumes of condensing exhalation. Winter is here, but it needn’t be bleak.