We eat your words

Playlist of the Week: GRIMEDAY

Is it a bit too easy to theme your weekly playlist around it being Friday? Perhaps, but what about when you pack it out with enough grime to send a Tower Hamlets tower block into deep orbit. In case you hadn’t noticed, 2016 has been a ridiculously huge year for grime, from Skepta winning the Mercury Prize to Stormzy getting a shoutout from Adele. You can’t hold back the tide anymore, not that you’d want to, grime is here to stay, and it’s finally getting recognised as what it is – high art.

Scoff if you want, I’m not going to sit here and try and intellectualise all over it, but when something sets out to A: outline the mindset of the cultural setting it came from and B: blow the fucking roof off and it succeeds in doing both? Yeah, high art, and what. That in mind, this week I put together a 16 track firebreather of a playlist featuring some (but far from all) of the biggest grime tunes from this year. Looking to get hype on your last working day? This will help. Looking to get some aggression out? This will definitely help. Looking to host a lovely tea party? Eh, give it a go, never know until you try.


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