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Playlist of the Week: American Protest

Now, as I sit here writing this, I have no idea how the US presidential election is going to turn out, but by the time it goes live, we all will. Whether the presiding feeling of relief now is an awkward blend of heavy relief and harsh revulsion, or a more direct, more potent dose of fear marinated in utter, bewildered disgust, things ain’t great. Never before has any election been so farcical, so distasteful and so difficult to even believe is real.

Of course, this is America we’re talking about, a country with a history of such overwhelming, broad political oppression that its entire creative culture was basically born out of struggle and protest, especially in music. We have our fair share of iconic protest songs here in the UK but you could fill archives with the American ones. Thusly, regardless of how things have turned out today but, from the perspective of someone still stuck in the horrid uncertainty of November 8th, 2016, I think it’s an ideal time to remember just how potent and hard hitting music can be when it’s fuelled by anger and the need for upheaval. Thus, I present to you a playlist of the best protest songs ever to come out of the US. I hope it finds you well.