Pirates Storm by Stacey

New contributor stacey Warner brings you some of her superb poetry.

Cruel wind, singing, rushing, flailing,
Through the trees insistent wailing,
Thunder crashing, smashing, storm,
Into sea by cliff’s harsh form,

Young girl stands scarf wrapped around,
Over seas she’s looking down,
Pitch black flag horizon claimed,
Rebel ship not to be tamed,
“Mama! Mama!” she shouts loud,
“Pirates! Pirates! sailing proud”

Rumbling, grumbling clouds of black,
Nervous, timid, girl steps back,
Woman rushes through the storm,
“Get in girl! be safe and warm!”

Lightning, violent fills the skies,
Fearful, woman’s wordless cries,
Young girl scooped in arms of love,
Nervous looks to skies above,
Then she turns her face to sea,
What she sees just can not be,

No ship, no mast, no rebel crew,
No fear, alarm or panic due,
As the skies clear up at last,
She must wonder at what passed.

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