Phantasy Star Online 2 Coming To Xbox One, In America

No EU release announced yet.

Phantasy Star

One of the more surprising announcements from tonight’s Xbox E3 Conference was the news that Phantasy Star Online 2 would be making its way to the West via Xbox One next year, after being available on PS4 and the Nintendo Switch among other platforms since the game’s launch in Japan back in 2012. Here’s the full reveal trailer.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Western port of a Japanese game if there weren’t some complications, and boy are there some here. So far, PSO2 has only been confirmed for the Xbox One, so Western PS4 and Switch owners are out of luck, but the worst news is that PSO2 is only coming to North America right now, with a European release remaining unconfirmed. Here’s what SEGA had to say regarding the issue.

While a European release is likely, because SEGA haven’t suddenly become allergic to money, we shouldn’t expect to see PSO 2 on European shores at the same time as America. Fingers crossed we’ll see a release this side of the Project Scarlett launch.

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