PC Game Pass: How To Refer-A-Friend For Free

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PC Game Pass
PC Game Pass

Microsoft have recently added a benefit to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers that will allow them to share some of the love with their friends who haven’t experienced the joys of PC Game Pass as of yet. However, knowing how to do it might not be immediately clear for some users, so here’s everything you need to know about sharing the gift of PC Game Pass trials with your friends.


What Is The PC Game Pass Refer-A-Friend Program?

The Refer-A-Friend program allows users who have subscribed to PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to send their friends a free 14 day trial to PC Game Pass, giving them access to all the benefits and privileges of PC Game Pass for that 14 day period. This means your friend can play all the games available on PC Game Pass, and their saves and progress will still be available once they make the upgrade to the full PC Game Pass subscription.


How To Refer-A-Friend in PC Game Pass

The Refer-A-Friend program will allow PC Game Pass subscribers to send invites to their friends, which they’ll have 30 days to accept. Once they’ve accepted the invite, they’ll be able to enjoy two weeks of PC Game Pass titles for free. The person sending the invites can send up to five referrals a year, with the limit on those referrals resetting on January 1st every year. If you want to refer your friends, sign in to your Microsoft account at this link.

Once you’ve signed in, a small window will appear with a prompt to copy a link. This is what you’ll be able to send to friends in order for them to redeem their free trial, along with some spiel about how you want to play games with them. Considering how gifting players games on the Microsoft Store requires choosing someone’s username out of your friends list, using a copy link instead is probably a much more convenient method for referring friends.


What Are The Limits To The Refer-A-Friend Program?

Some users might not be eligible to receive the 14-day free trial, as the offer is not valid for those who are currently subscribed to any form of Game Pass, whether it’s for Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If the user you’re trying to refer has also been subscribed to these services in the past, they also won’t be eligible for the referral program.

To be honest, the main issue with this refer-a-friend program is that it’ll be hard to find someone out there who isn’t yet subscribed to Game Pass in some form, and would be interested in receiving a free trial. The majority of people who likely have an interest in trying PC Game Pass will likely have subscribed to Game Pass in the past already. A free 14-day trial would be a nice start for someone looking to get into PC gaming, but again, finding someone without a Game Pass subscription these days would be like finding the white whale.

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