One-Punch Man Watch Order Guide (Arcs, OVAs & More)

One Punch Man
One Punch Man

Over the years, we’ve been introduced to several powerful anime characters. However, only a few have come close to reaching the power of Saitama. The protagonist’s raw strength is one of the reasons why One-Punch Man is so popular today. Pair it with thrilling fights, stunning animation, and amusing comedy and you have an anime that can hook new viewers. But if you’re new to the show, what’s the One-Punch Man watch order you need to be aware of?

The anime follows Saitama, a hero who has the power to take down his enemies with one punch. After years of training to achieve his monstrous power, he longs for an opponent that can finally match his strength. One day, he met a mechanical cyborg named Genos, who he soon takes in as his protege. Together, they join the Hero Association to climb its ranks and fight otherworldly monsters.

And that’s just the general gist of the story. The anime has so much more to offer. If you want to get into the world of One-Punch Man, then here’s how to watch the anime in order.


Recommended One-Punch Man Watch Order & Relevant Arcs

One-Punch Man has many exciting storylines for you to watch. For the best experience, here’s how you should watch One-Punch Man and its story arcs.

– One-Punch Man: Road to Hero
– One-Punch Man: Season 1 (Saitama Introduction Arc, House of Evolution Arc, Paradise Group Arc, National Superhero Registry Arc, Rumored Monster Arc, Giant Meteor Arc, Sea Monster Arc, Alien Conquerors Arc)
– One-Punch Man Specials
– One-Punch Man: Season 2 (King Arc, Garou Introduction Arc, The Blizzard Group Arc, Hero Hunt Arc, Monster Raid Arc, Super Fight Arc)
– One-Punch Man Season 2 Specials
One-Punch Man: Season 3 (TBC 2023) (Monster Association Arc)

The anime’s watch order is really not that complicated. Every release is in chronological order, so you can just simply start watching from the beginning, apart from Road To Hero which takes place before Saitama starts his training. Furthermore, One-Punch Man has no filler episodes, which means that all episodes contribute to the overall story. Although you may have noticed that we included special episodes in the watch order. That’s because One-Punch Man also released a few OVA episodes after each season.


Should You Watch The One-Punch Man OVAs?

One-Punch Man’s OVAs tell a few side stories that happened during the season. You might be wondering whether or not they are canon — the answer is they definitely are. The OVAs were all written and approved by the author ONE. Even though the stories don’t move the plot forward, they all happen within the main storyline.

Take One-Punch Man: Road to Hero, as an example. This OVA will show you the early days of Saitama’s heroism. It goes way back when Saitama still had hair and used a tracksuit as a costume. In this episode, you’ll see Saitama having trouble with rent and helping the common folk. It also shows the origin of a few key points in the main story.

So to answer the question, should you watch the One-Punch Man OVAs? It’s a definite yes. The OVAs of both seasons are all enjoyable to watch and it’d be a shame if you were to miss out on them.


Where to Watch One-Punch Man Online

Both seasons of One-Punch Man can be watched online. If you get a subscription, you can stream it on the following services:

One-Punch Man: Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation, depending on your region.

One-Punch Man: Season 3 is yet to be released, but will probably be available on Crunchyroll in 2023.

Depending on your region, you may also watch it on YouTube channels such as Muse Asia. You can also rent or buy a physical copy using services like iTunes, Google Play, and Prime Video.

One-Punch Man: Season 2 (BD)
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It’s your choice. Where will you start your One-Punch Man watch-through?

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