Observer and Alan Wake Coming Free To Epic Games Store Soon

Spooks await.

Source: Dualshockers

The upcoming free games for the Epic Games Store have been announced, and they’re two pretty great horror-themed games to tie in with the spooky season.

From October 17th until the 24th, you can pick up Alan Wake: American Nightmare and Observer from the Epic Games Store for absolutely nothing as part of Epic’s ongoing drive to give out weekly free games.

American Nightmare is a girthy spin-off from the cult classic Alan Wake, while Observer is a cyberpunk game from the minds behind Layers of Fear. Both are fairly underrated gems with Observer in particular being often overlooked, so don’t overlook them in a week’s time.

To download these free games, all you need is an Epic account and a free download of the Epic Games Launcher, along with a credit card of PayPal account being connected.

Surviving Mars is available for free from now until the two new games enter. A post-apocalyptic follow-up to Surviving Mars was recently announced and will also come to Epic Games Store.

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