NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III Match Card and Predictions

Here's a "bold" prediction for you: NXT is going to show up the main roster once again this weekend.


NXT Takeover events have a nearly impeccable record for quality and their Brooklyn events are the cream of the crop. The previous two Takeover: Brooklyn events have played host to modern classics such as Bayley vs Sasha Banks and The Revival vs #DIY and I for one am looking forward to finding out which match, if any, can live up to those lofty standards. I personally don’t think that this is the strongest Takeover card on paper but it will almost certainly exceed my expectations.

There will be five matches on the card, as has become customary, with three of those being title matches. Unfortunately, the UK Championship will not be defended this time around, despite the incredible Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne match from Takeover: Chicago, which highlights the strength of the NXT roster. There will probably be a new name added to the roster this Saturday too, though I won’t spoil that for everyone.

Without further ado, here are my predictions.

Johnny Gargano vs Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas

Gargano vs Almas

This match has show stealing potential. We all know how good Johnny Wrestling is -his performances in tag title matches as part of #DIY are proof of that- but Almas is probably the most underrated wrestler on the NXT roster and is more than capable of holding up his end of the bargain.

This is a tougher match to call than I originally thought. On one hand it is Gargano’s first Takeover match since the heartbreaking betrayal by former partner Tommaso Ciampa, so a win would be a great way to get his singles run off to a strong start. On the other hand Almas has a reasonably new attitude, complete with new valet Zolita Vega, and he could really do with the win himself as his record hasn’t been the best lately.

So the question is, who needs it more? In my opinion it’s Gargano. I feel like Almas has lost enough that another defeat won’t affect him greatly – he is tranquillo, after all.

Prediction: Johnny Gargano


Aleister Black vs Hideo Itami

Black vs Itami

This match came about because Itami tried to attack Black before prior to his match with Kyle O’Reilly. Itami was immediately laid out by the Black Mass for his insolence. I get the feeling that this match was thrown together at the last minute to get both of these men on the card. I don’t really have a problem with that as it should be a really entertaining match. It will also be Itami’s first Takeover match since his heel turn and it will be interesting to see how he adapts his style, especially against someone like Black.

Speaking of Aleister Black, it’s fair to say that he is a unique individual. There is nobody in the whole of the WWE that has such a well presented all round package. From the fantastic entrance to his look and the aura of invincibility that surrounds him he comes across as every bit the future superstar. Up until this point, though, he has only really been tested twice, against Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, both of whom were debuting. Now is the time for him to take the next step and prove himself against an established NXT superstar. The only sensible outcome here is an Aleister Black victory.

Prediction: Aleister Black


NXT Tag Title Match

Authors Of Pain vs SAnitY

Authors of Pain vs SANity

The NXT tag division is currently at its lowest point in a few years with these two teams being far and away the most established tandems on the yellow brand following the breakup of #DIY. The shoots of life are there, though, with teams such as Heavy Machinery and the Street Profits beginning to make their mark, the imminent return of TM61 and the possibility of seeing ReDragon strut their stuff in front of the Full Sail crowd. It’s time to rebuild and I think the best team to lead that is SAnitY.

The Authors Of Pain have done a really good job of changing the fan’s perception of them, going from green as grass rookies to believable monster heels. In fact they have looked unbeatable, until now. SAnitY is the first team to get a title shot that can match power with the massive champions and I think that showing some weakness in the armour of the Authors Of Pain will be a good thing. I also believe that having the Authors Of Pain chase the titles heading to the next Takeover will allow more time for the rest of the division to establish themselves.

Prediction: SAnitY


NXT Women’s Title Match

Asuka vs Ember Moon

Asuka vs Ember Moon

By the time this match takes place Asuka will have held this title for 506 days, which is the 7th longest reign in WWE history. It’s impossible to oversell that. She is comfortably the most dominant wrestler in any division, which brings me to my point, I don’t see any way that Asuka loses this. There will be a time when someone has to take this title but I would hope that they would be more established than Ember Moon is now. This isn’t all Ember’s fault as injury and strange booking have played their part but I think that going all in on whoever wins the Mae Young Classic would be the better plan at this time.

It may seem like I don’t like Ember Moon but that isn’t true, she is a very good wrestler, it’s just her character that hasn’t been established as well as it should be. Asuka however has a well established character and it comes across as genuine. Having a well defined character is key to having a successful title reign and it would be a shame for Ember to fall short of her potential because of this. She may be the one to take this title from Asuka but it won’t be at Takeover: Brooklyn.

Prediction: Asuka


NXT Title Match

Bobby Roode vs Drew McIntyre

McIntyre vs Roode

I am probably going to piss off a few people by saying this but Bobby Roode is not as good as people make him out to be. Sure, he has a glorious entrance and he carries himself like a true champion, which is a rare commodity, but in the ring he is good but not great. Of all the recent NXT champions, his title matches have been the most underwhelming and as much as I would like to believe that this will be a truly great match I expect it to be another good, but ultimately forgettable, affair. I really hope I’m wrong.

As far as McIntyre goes, he has done a great job of reestablishing himself on the indies, having great matches against the likes of Will Ospreay and Matt Riddle, and he looks like a beast compared to most of the NXT roster. He definitely deserves his second chance in the WWE spotlight. I don’t feel like he has fully connected with the Full Sail crowd yet, though, and this is probably not the best scenario for a title change.

There is a third party to consider when looking into this match and that is Roderick Strong. Even though it is McIntyre who earned the title shot, a large portion of the build-up has been focused on the animosity that has built up between Roode and Strong, with Roode running down Strong and his family at every opportunity.

There is a significant chance that Strong makes his presence felt during this match and it will play into the finish. One scenario is that Strong runs in and attacks Roode causing a DQ but as NXT is not known for having Dusty finishes in its main events this is quite unlikely. The more likely scenario is that Strong tries to get involved in the match but ends up distracting McIntyre, allowing Roode to pick up the win. This would set up a three way feud that could easily last until the next Takeover.

Prediction: Bobby Roode

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, that is what I think will happen on Saturday night. Let me know in the comments if you think I am right or wrong. Or you can hurl abuse at me for besmirching Bobby Roode’s good name. Thank you for reading and enjoy the show.


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