It’s Not Looking Good For Enzo Amore In WWE

Enzo Amore is getting on the wrong side of the wrong people in WWE right now.


In recent months we have seen a big change to one of the stables that was formed and developed in NXT before being brought over to the main roster. Of course, we are talking about none other than Enzo and Big Cass.

Although they both really annoyed me at first, they started to grow on me and I was one of the many that really thought splitting them up was a bad idea and wouldn’t be alone in thinking that Big Cass is going to be the more successful of the two as singles wrestlers.

However, recent reports have hit the internet over the last few weeks of Enzo generating an insane amount of heat for himself backstage, which is doing nothing for his already struggling career.

His name is Enzo Amore, and this here is Big Cass
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If you believe the reports that are currently flooding the internet, Enzo has been inviting random people backstage and then leaving them to their own devices, has been thrown out of the locker room, and possibly the most worrying thing, Vince McMahon sanctioned a shoot on the wrestler on one of the more recent episodes of the WWE Network’s newest talk show, Bring It To The Table. In the episode, Corey Graves openly said that Enzo is generating a serious amount of heat backstage and that it wasn’t doing his career any good.

As any WWE fan and wrestling fan in general is aware, getting on the wrong side of Vince McMahon is probably not the wisest thing to do. Many talented and respected wrestlers in the business have fallen from grace because of the man’s well known temper, and if Enzo is rubbing Vince up the wrong way then it doesn’t look good for him.

To really bring this into perspective, it would be worth taking a broader look at Enzo’s career as a whole. On NXT, Enzo and Cass were one of the foundations of the tag division and although they never managed to clinch the gold, they were still featured in a number of big matches. But as soon as they made their move over to the main roster, things started to fall apart for them.

Enzo was injured by Simon Gotch and was ruled out for a while due to concussion fears. As a result, this also side lined Big Cass and so missed out on valuable ring time. Then we have the infamous botch with Cesaro where he failed to go over the top rope, and instead of improvising, he just tried to do it again. Not only does Vince despise things like that, it also made Enzo look a little bit silly in the eyes of the fans.

Big Cass and Enzo Amore
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As far as in-ring ability goes, Enzo has never really stood out for me, with Big Cass being the better man, but his promo work is insane and is arguably one of the best talkers the promotion has to this day.

It is well known that Enzo was extremely unhappy about breaking up the team he was part of, but his recent actions have done nothing to help his case. We all know that it is bad practice to just randomly invite people backstage after other wrestlers have taken some bad bumps during their matches, and if you have done something which warrants being thrown out of the dressing room then it’s pretty serious.

It is also worth mentioning that Triple H had to step in early on his career to save him from being cut from the roster. If that is true, then Enzo is already on a fine line within the promotion.

Enzo’s only saving grace could be that he still sells a high quantity of merchandise. From T-Shirts to sunglasses, he is still extremely popular with the fans. But if he carries on walking down the current road, then even that won’t save him from the executioner’s block.


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