Why Splitting Enzo Amore and Big Cass Up May Not Have Been A Good Idea

Was it too soon to split the pair up? They never won gold together, after all.


In recent weeks, the WWE have decided to send Enzo Amore and Big Cass their separate ways in one of the best double crosses we have seen in recent months and their match at Great Balls of Fire was possibly one of the best matches on the card. But somewhere deep inside me, it feels like this should never have happened.

Initially, I thought Enzo and Cass were just ridiculous, loud and in your face. When they made their TV debut in Dallas, I found myself shaking my head in disbelief. But as soon as they joined RAW and I heard some of Enzo’s astounding promos (check out the one they did with John Cena at WWE Battleground 2016), I found myself getting behind the two lads from Brooklyn.

The main issue I have is that Enzo will now fall down the card and wallow around in the undercard until he either leaves or is released by WWE. If the rumour mill is correct, Enzo would never have made it out of NXT if it wasn’t for Triple H, and his appalling botches and horrific injury at the hands of Simon Gotch have done nothing to help his already struggling career. The only thing Enzo has going for him are the awesome promos he can cut, and his most recent stuff is simply outstanding.

Enzo Amore

Then we turn our attention to Big Cass, the man who is seven foot tall. WWE have obviously seen that he possesses a decent amount of in-ring ability and has an element of charisma. They are hoping that Cass will retain some of the momentum he has earned from his days with Enzo and that he can use that to remain over with the fans. Vince is known for getting behind big guys, and Cass meets all of the criteria to hold one of the belts in the future, but that’s where I think the WWE are wrong. The RAW roster is stacked with names such as Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and it is because of this that I just can’t see Cass holding any of the big belts. He just isn’t main event material and the other big stars on the roster will quickly show him up.

I think it is fair to say that Enzo and Cass complimented each other with Enzo being the voice of the duo and Cass doing all the heavy lifting. But send these men their separate ways, and you are probably going to find that they will soon be confined to memory.

Big Cass and Enzo Amore
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Daily Wrestling News

What the WWE should have done, in my opinion, is keep them together but send them over to the blue brand to help Smackdown’s appalling tag team division. The only teams that are worthy of the Smackdown Tag Team belts are the Usos, and I strongly believe that Enzo and Cass would have offered strong competition to a somewhat failing tag team division.

It’s true that Enzo and Cass did not manage to grab doubles gold in either NXT or Raw, but this is another thing that simply boggles my brain. They had a massive amount of momentum and the fans loved them, so why didn’t WWE give them a chance with the belts?

According to rumours, Enzo has managed to generate some heat backstage after making the fact he didn’t want the split known. Only time will tell on this, but don’t be surprised if we see Enzo Amore slugging it out on 205 Live, whilst Cass only manages to grab the Intercontinental Title.


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