Niantic Confirms Pokémon GO Trading Update

Pokemon Go
Source: Engadget

Niantic have announced on Twitter that Pokémon GO will finally receive an update that will allow players to trade Pokémon with their friends and also give them the option to gift items to each other too.

The Friendship level is a new feature which will increase steadily by doing the aforementioned things above. Beginning with ‘Good Friend’, this soon progresses to ‘Great Friend’, ‘Ultra Friend’ and then finally ‘Best Friend’. The higher the friendship level, the more bonuses players will receive including an attack bonus that will be given out during Gym and Raid battles if you and a friend participate together.

Both players must exchange a trainer code similar to that of friend codes used on Nintendo systems before trading and gifting is permitted, however once exchanged and both players are on each other’s friends list, permission is granted.

Trading can only be commenced if players are within 100 metres of each other, with a certain amount of stardust (depending on the Pokemon) required as payment to do so. Legendary and shiny Pokémon require a special trade which can only be done once a day between Great Friends onward and requires a lot more stardust than normal trades.

Finally, amongst this vast amount of news PokéStops will now also have a chance of giving away a special gift which for yourself is unusable, but able to be sent to a player on your friends list. These gifts can offer a variety of items, a postcard detailing where the gift was sent from, and on occasion will potentially give away a special egg that hatches an Alola Form Pokémon (which were announced to be on their way last month). No details are given on what Alola Form Pokémon are available, but it can be assumed that it means all 18 of them.

The update will be coming later this week. Are you looking forward to it? Sound off in the comments below. 

Source: Pokémon GO Live

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