New PSVR Bundle Features Beat Saber & Borderlands 2 VR

This is one of the best PSVR bundles yet and will retail at just $349 USD.

Still not bought someone a PlayStation VR for this Christmas or have been considering getting one for yourself? Here’s a brand new PSVR bundle that’s bound to annoy anyone who bought the peripheral a year ago.

Sony have just announced a new bundle for PlayStation VR that will feature Borderlands 2 VR and the excellent Beat Saber. It will launch on the same day as Borderlands VR itself, December 14th.

Here are some images:

PSVR bundle

Beat Saber bundle

The bundle will retail for $349.99 USD / $449.99 CAD (no UK/EU price just yet) and comes with the following:

– Beat Saber
– Borderlands 2 VR
– PSVR system
– PlayStation Camera
– Two Move controllers
– Demo disc

The games won’t be on disc, rather supplied via a digital download code instead. We don’t know how Borderlands 2 VR will shape up, but Beat Saber is a true delight in PlayStation VR. From our Beat Saber review:

“PSVR continues its barnstorming 2018 with a supremely fun rhythm game that’s only going to improve and grow from here.”

If you’re unsure of the PSVR still, we have a guide on whether or not it’s a good fit for you as well as rundown of all of the essential PSVR games. Likewise, we also have a compilation of the best PS4 bundle deals for this Christmas.

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