New Mario Golf: Super Rush Trailer Outlines The Game’s Features

It's tee time.

Mario Golf Super Rush

Nintendo have published a new gameplay trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush, the next instalment in the Italian plumber’s occasional forays into the world of sports. You can check out the gameplay trailer at the top of the page.


What Features Are Coming To Mario Golf: Super Rush?

The trailer showcases footage about how players take their shots, which seems to be different from the standard 3 button control system seen in Everybody’s Golf, Mario Golf uses a different system that is seemingly more accurate and allows for better shot shaping and ball spin control. There’s even motion controls if you feel like channelling some Wii Sports Golf.

There’s also a Story Mode featured in Mario Golf: Super Rush that sees players create a Mii character, taking them on an adventure across the game’s varied courses and interacting with the 16 playable characters that includes some interesting additions. Seeing King Bob-omb take to the links in an interesting sight indeed.


What About The Speed Golf?

When Mario Golf: Super Rush was first revealed, the Speed Golf mode was the moment where players became interested in what Mario Golf had to offer. A four player competitive mode, Speed Golf sees players fighting to finish a hole as quickly as possible. Once you’ve taken a shot, you’ll race against other golfers to reach your ball, using power-ups, special dashes and hole hazards to clear the way. There’s even special shots that can turn your ball into a weapon against your opponents.

The trailer reveals that Speed Golf is just the start though, as there’s also a Battle Golf mode that follow similar gameplay, except in an arena of sorts with players competing to score 3 holes before anyone else. Oh, and there’s 9 holes in play at one time. Have fun!


When Can I Play Mario Golf?

Mario Golf: Speed Rush will be launching on the Nintendo Switch on June 25th, meaning you’ve got plenty of time to save up and play for the clubhouse fees.

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